Sputnik: The new #IoT stations of #SciCrop

In December 2014, we released the first station of SciCrop. Actually we call it: “Autonomous LabStation for Agricultural Analysis“. A solar-powered hardware with more than 20 sensors. A general purpose device capable of a complete monitoring of farm environment, with the main objective of offering to insurance companies, credit banks and food industry, data about the risk of crop losses.


Autonomous LabStation for Agricultural Analysis

More than one year after the release of our first hardware, we are happy to present a new class of stations: The SciCrop Sputnik. A new approach of sensing devices to help grower monitor the absorption of water in the soil.

The SciCrop Sputnik

Main features of SciCrop Sputnik:

  • Easy to install. No need of a specialized person;
  • Sends data directly to cell phone, no need of Internet, for data gathering;
  • Solar-powered;
  • Configurable alerts for Hi/Lo Air Humidity;
  • Configurable alerts for Hi/Lo Soil Humidity;
  • Configurable alerts for Hi/Lo Temperature;
  • Solar irradiance monitoring;
  • Collects data each 2 or 3 hours (configurable);
  • 3 models:
    • Wifi;
    • GSM;
    • Bluetooth;

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