Partnership with Sensefinity at Deloitte Digital Disruptors

Hi all! We had an amazing past week at Deloitte Digital Disruptors (DDD), with other brilliant people and startups, together with mentors and specialists from Deloitte.
One of the most important things that happened at the event, was meeting Orlando from Sensefinity. We had a productive talk that ended up with good opportunities for both companies.
Sensefinity produces very low power radio transmitters and receivers for digital communication. Their devices are also very small and with very good signal ranges, as well as different types of connection interfaces.
As soon as I discovered these products, I realized how they can fit into our soil sensors, without the need of wiring them with our lab station. With a new design (needless of extra space inside the sensor case), we can distribute much more soil sensors over big fields. Also, this kind of communication devices from Sensefinity can be easily powered by small solar panels installed on soil level, mimicking a real leaf.
So, in the next months we hope to have our first new re-designed soil sensors, with Sensifinity radios!
Thanks Orlando and Sensefinity!

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